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Your day in twenty seconds
Turn your day's photos into a twenty second video. Share it with the world. Your day in twenty seconds.
Your photos grouped by date

Make the best of your photos

Take your photos using the built-in camera or import photos from your Camera Roll. Twentysecs will let you crop your photos before importing them (even when using the camera), so you can edit them to exactly how you want them. And even if you import a photo that you don’t want to appear in your final edit, twentysecs can hide it for you without deleting a thing.

Your photos in a grid

Be creative

Create a timelapse. Write or draw something on a piece of paper and take a picture of it. Your photos will appear in the videos sequentially (that’s programmer-speak for “in the order you took them”). Make that work for you – your imagination is the limit!

Apply one of the nine built-in Themes. Well, we actually mean eight. One theme (we are so creative over here that we called it “None”) does not apply any visual effect to your photos, although it does apply music and captions.


Share, share, share!

Don’t keep your creations to yourself, share them with the world!
Do you want grandma to see those recent snaps of the grandkids? Create a video and email it to her. Or share your birthday photos with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr or app.net. The choice is yours.

And, if you want to keep your video to yourself or process it with another app, just save it to the Camera Roll. Easy as that.


See twentysecs in action.

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